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HBGary to Present on Developing A Capability-Driven IR Program at CEIC® 2013

HBGary to Present on Developing A Capability-Driven IR Program at CEIC® 2013


Sacramento California, May 15th, 2013 -- Today HBGary, a subsidiary of ManTech International Corporation, announced that HBGary Threat Intelligence Manager Matthew Standart will present, “Developing A Capability-Driven IR Program” at the upcoming Computer and Enterprise Investigations Conference(CEIC) 2013 in Orlando, Florida, which takes place from May 19 to 22, 2013.

“Too many organizations focus on the tools or products of incident response rather than the capabilities needed to achieve their response objectives.  This causes excess spending, waste, and defects which lead to a reduction in overall incident response effectiveness and a subsequent increase in damage and loss to the business.  By understanding and focusing on capabilities an organization can improve their response by strategically aligning technology, streamlining processes, reducing their costs, and defeating the adversary” said Matthew Standart, HBGary Threat Intelligence Manager.

Mr. Standart will deliver his presentation on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 at 8:00 AM.

Joe Riggins, HBGary Senior Director of Incident Response, will also deliver a Feature Presentation on Monday, May 20th, 2013 entitled, “HBGary Active Defense 1.3: Deep Malware Analysis for Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI).” In this 20-minute presentation, Mr. Riggins will briefly discuss why virtual environments present a challenge to incident responders and how the latest version of  HBGary’s Active Defense solution provides incident responders the ability to do runtime malware behavior analysis for virtualized environments 

“CEIC is one of the premier conferences in the security industry. We are pleased to be a Gold Sponsor at this event,” said HBGary General Manager & Vice President Penny Leavy.  

At CEIC® 2013 booth #600, HBGary will demonstrate how its flagship products including Active Defense, Responder and Digital DNA can be used by incident responders to perform key phases of the incident response lifecycle.  HBGary will also be highlighting its Professional Services offerings including Incident Response, Health Checks & Audits, Expert Malware Analysis and Threat Analysis and Intelligence.

In addition, HBGary will give away two online, instructor-led classes including Basic Malware Analysis Using Responder™ Pro and Advanced Malware Analysis Using Responder™ Pro for its conference drawing. 

About HBGary

HBGary provides Enterprise Incident Response solutions and services to enable organizations to conduct key phases of incident response including detecting zero-days and other unknown malware, validating whether an actual incident has occurred, and responding to the incident. Customers include Fortune 50 corporations and U.S. government agencies.HBGary is located in Sacramento, Calif. and is a subsidiary of ManTech International Corporation.  For information, please visit www.hbgary.com or HBGary’sTwitter feed or Facebook and LinkedIn